Prabuddha Jivan

The monthly magazine of the Sangh

Since 'Prabuddha Jivan' is committed to the policy of not accepting an advertisement, only its donors, well wishers and those who love good reading can keep alive this periodical with great substance. This house journal of Shri Mumbai Jain Yuvak Sangh is in the service of the society since over Ninety years. Need of an hour is to keep alive the Gujarati periodicals. Gujarati culture and civilisation will survive only when Gujarati periodicals remain alive.

Prophecies of Jain religion and other Indian religion can be sown deep in to the hearts of present and future generation only through such dedicated and committed periodicals.

Our loving and immaculate daughter is known as 'Duhita' and 'Dehli Deepak'. She is the guiding and inspiring spirit of both the houses. She is the carrier of our traditional, moral and cultural values. We may spend lakhs of rupees during her marriage alongiwth gifts with which we bid her farewell in her new home, wishing her happy and prosperous married life can we not give her a lifetime gift of 'Prabuddha Jivan', the gift of knowledge, the path to lead an inspired life as an additional gift?

It will always remain a guiding spirit in her life, reminding her of moral, traditional and spiritual values you taught her.

Kindly send a cheque or a D/D in the name of 'Shri Mumbai Jain Yuvak Sangh'.

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